SU21 crash upon launch AMD Adrenalin software thinks I have SU pro22 installbut but I have SUpro21

As far as I know I have not had any major updates for AMD adrenalin software nor would I expect much significant change to how AMD are dealing with SU21 as its an old piece of software now, and I have been happily using it for the last 6 moths or so… IS anyone aware of any reason why this morning SU21 refuses to startup past the splash page / launcher page?

Crash #1138881
I have now uninstalled SU21 and AMD adrenalin software, reinstalled SU21, but it still crashes without getting past the launcher. If there’s any help out there I really appreciate it… I need to work!

not sure why AMD adrenalin software thinks what it does, but apparently that wasn’t the reason the app was crashing. I deleted the user Appdata folders and it came back to life. now to reinstall all my plugins and extensions :yawning_face: