SU2024 - Jerky/jagged rendering on external monitor

I just upgraded to SU2024 Pro, running on a MacBook Pro M1, 32GB. I’ve noticed that while orbiting in most sketchup models, the display quality is not very good when viewing on an external monitor (it seems to be fine on the built-in monitor). I’ve tried this on a Samsung UHD with a USB-C to DP cable and another decent Samsung monitor with an HDMI cable, and it is the same on both. Visually, there is horizontal banding while orbiting, like narrow widths of pixels across the whole screen shift out of alignment to the whole image. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on solutions? It is pretty distracting, and overall makes 2024 feel worse that previous versions, though I’m chomping at the bit to take advantage of the upgrades. Thanks!

I think we haven’t seen exactly what you’re describing. Can you do a screenshot and see if the artifacts show up, or if the problem is a visual one on the external monitor?

If the problem doesn’t show in a screenshot you could show a photo of the external monitor.

The antialiasing settings with the new graphics engine may not go as high as it would with the classic graphics engine, but that should only be a subtle difference in how smooth lines appear. It should not introduce banding.

One thing you could try is to see if there is an update available (SketchUp menu, Check for Update). We did do an update that helped with some graphical issues. You can also get the latest version from here:

Thanks for the quick reply. I just updated to the latest release, and the issue appears to be persistent. I’m uploading a small video from a phone capture of my screen, in which you can see the banding happening… quick horizontal flashing, again, only on the external monitor (which is what I use for daily modeling). Definitely detracts from the overall smooth experience!

That looks like sync issues. I can’t get that to happen on my external monitor.

What monitor is it? If you go into System Settings, Displays, and select that monitor, what refresh rate it is set to?

In SketchUp Settings, Graphics, can you try choosing the classic graphics engine, and then reopen the model. Does the banding still happen?

It is a Samsung C32F391, set at 60 Hz refresh. And for what it’s worth, after a bit more experimenting, I actually do see the banding on my built-in screen on the MacBook pro, though to a lesser degree. The banding seems to go away and orbiting is smooth in the classic graphics engine, but the rastered line quality is pretty bad, and it appears that I can’t take advantage of ambient occlusion. Any other ideas? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I haven’t heard of anyone else having the problem.

For the antialiasing when using the classic graphics engine, you can turn off use fast feedback, and then set higher antialiasing levels.

But you’re right, you would be getting the older performance, and no AO.

I had one idea, there was an issue that could lead to the updating of the model window getting jerky. That was fixed in the recent 2024.0.1 update. Can you check that you are on 24.0.554 in the About SketchUp box?

Just a thought, you may want to try disabling pro-motion on both displays and give them the same refresh rate.

How To Disable ProMotion On MacBook Pro And Change Refresh Rate - iOS Hacker

Yes, on 24.0.554.

This seems to have made a real difference! Not perfect, but it appears to be significantly better. Thanks for the tip!

I hadn’t suggested ProMotion because it wasn’t an option for the external monitor, and for the internal screen I still didn’t get any issues with or without ProMotion.

Did you see a ProMotion option for the refresh rate on the Samsung screen?

By the way, do you have any system add-ons that are in any way involved with refresh rates?

I can’t think of any system add-ons that are involved with refresh rates… any examples of what that might be?

And after working in SU for the last half hour or so, the banding definitely isn’t gone after matching both displays to 60Hz refresh. Maybe somewhat better, but hard to tell.

It seems like my M1 machine should be up to the task, shouldn’t it? Strange that nobody else is experiencing this issue!

It may just be a quirk of Mac - pro-motion is a dynamic refresh rate , it will be able to go faster or slower as needed, however if you are sending that signal to another display which cannot do the same thing, this will result in screen tearing.

It’s not exactly an unusual setup you have, so if it was something so simple, I suspect many many others would have the same and it would be strange for Apple not to have accounted for that.

Are you using Monterey as your profile says?

Interesting… No, I’m on Ventura 13.6.2… I’ll update my profile now.

Might even be worth taking it all the way to the latest version - the OS updates from Apple contain all the updates for the GPU and as that controls your displays and refresh rate……

Also, SketchUp 2024 behaves better with Sonoma I believe

I did test the external monitor mirroring the internal screen, set to ProMotion. Still no banding!