Well, posting after my 20th freeze again and 2 hours on the phone with Apple.

I’m working on a simple project. My file is 60MB. 90K faces. I normally have projects that are 200-400MB (and have the exact same issues).

I open it up and the right away SU takes 2-5G of memory. Then, as I work on it, the files remains about the same size but I start locking up doing minor tasks like zooming in. I look at my memory on now 30G of memory is taken with no other apps beside the basic stuff.

Freeze up. Restart. Freeze. Restart. Anyone else have memory and freeze issues?

Do you have a 3dconnexion mouse?

Logictech MX Vertical

I don’t use Mac so I can’t help further, I only asked because the 3Dconnexion had a runaway memory problem.

You could read through the comments in this topic. The main culprit is the 3dconnexion devices, but there is mention of Vray issues. You could try disabling extensions to se if one of those is causing the problem:


I reloaded SU2020 and Vray. I don’t have vray open I stepped away for 15 mins and I’m at 83GB.

Need this done for a meeting in a couple hours. lol

Try actually disabling vray, it doesn’t need to appear to be running for it to effect things.