SU2017: Leader text incorrectly affected by system DPI scaling

I am testing Sketchup 2017 (17.2.2555 64-bit) on a high DPI system under Windows 10.

Screen resolutions are in the 3K to 4K range, and system display scaling are between 150% and 250%.

I noticed that the rendering of leader text elements for which font size is set by ‘Height’ (e.g. to a specific millimeter size, not point) is affected by the system’s scaling setting and will render to an incorrect size in the scene if the system scaling is anything other than 100%. It affects screen rendering and printing from Sketchup.

This did not happen in Sketchup 2016 and appears to be a new bug. The expected behavior is that text using ‘height’ for font size always gets rendered correctly in relation to the model.


The effect shown gets proportionally worse, as system DPI scale goes up.

E.g. at 200% DPI scaling, text gets rendered at only 1/2 size.

In situations where it is important to have control over the height of text elements inside Sketchup scenes (no, Layout is not an alternative) this can make Sketchup 2017 unusable.

The options in ‘Override high DPI scaling behaviour’ in the compatibility do not help with the problem.

I hope this might get addressed for Sketchup 2018?

Hi, have you checked this in a trial of 2018 yet?

Yes, exactly the same behaviour in SketchUp 2018.

I would like to point out that on a modern, high-resolution laptop Windows might well be running with 250% DPI scaling as default (otherwise it would be unusable).

In this case, any leader text in SketchUp scenes with font size set by ‘Height’ will become unreadably small.

Update following some feedback from the support team.

The issue described above still has to be considered a bug in the high-dpi scaling system of SU2017/SU2018.

Firstly, Sketchup’s DPI scaling factor, which I understand is primarily designed to adjust UI size, is a valuable feature, and it is essential for usability on new high DPI systems. Without this, the UI would be hardly usable on hi-res systems (see screenshots below).

Secondly, it is also fine that the DPI scaling factor affects the rendering of leader text and dimensions which are set to POINT size, as the the rendering of these has always been screen/view and zoom dependent.

Thirdly, to reiterate the bug description, the DPI scaling factor should never affect text or dimensions which are set to HEIGHT size, as the whole idea of setting font size to either inches or millimeters is to lock the font size in respect to the rest of the model.

The above screenshots show tests using the debug tool to adjust the DpiScaleFactor.

Using DpiScaleFactor d 1.0 results in leader text and dimension rendered in correct proportion to the scene/model.

However, the user interface is no longer scaled to suit the screen resolution - buttons are too small, and UI handles as well as the ranges of the inference engine become unusable.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve let a couple of our engineering folks know and hopefully we’ll have some feedback for you soon.

Hi Matthes thanks for your detailed description and testing on this. It looks like we do have a bug with text where the screen resolution is effecting Font Height.

I have been able to reproduce this in house and have the issue logged internally under SU-38326.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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