SU working space will not open after choosing file

Hi. Yesterday SU worked fine as always. I was working on 2 screens on my job. Today I am working at home on 1 screen. When open SU and choosing file, working space will not open only tray and a few extension i normaly use.

Layout works fine.

Someone has a clue what’s wrong?

you may have your window off the screen

Step 1 : press ALT+SPACEBAR

Step 2 : Now press M , which will basically choose the Move option (or the assigned shortcut depending on your windows language)

Step 3 : Now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the window to the new position that you desire.

Since the window might be sketchup itself (and not a dialog), you can also try holding your mouse on sketchup incon in windows task bar and right click in your opened model window preview and pick move

Thx :slightly_smiling_face: