SU team, are you planning to improve SU core?

Hi! I love SU but its lagging with a high poly data and tiny faces problems. All these things make so tired. Searching for an explanation of that on the web I found that there is a problem with a ruby SU works with in comparison with other software (3ds max, blender, etc). Is there any chance developer rewrite the code allowing users to keep up with the times? I’m working with creating 3d models of desktop’s cases. And after finishing modelling a case in SU I need to render images not only the case itself but a case with a hardware (gpu, motherboard, fans an so on). As for me there is no need to waste time on modelling this hardware as long as there is a lot of free HQ models or paid that I can use in my projects. But putting (importing) them to SU project requires a lot of patience and strength. I’m normally using vray proxy for that reason and this is not because of each of this hardware model got a lot of polygons. Often the problem here is that there is a problem with a tiny face, what can’t be often solved even when importing it to SU with 1000x scaling factor. So the only way is to use other software to create Vray proxies with needed faces in preview in order I could exactly align for example a fan with the holes (place) in the model of a case. And this kind of work for each hardware. This is an example of a case created in SU and all the hardwares here are perfectly aligned to the parts with the help of Vray proxies.

So does anybody knows about if there is a chance for us to get some update in the near future that will solve these ancient SU limitations?

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The SketchUp team will not and is not permitted to talk about the future of the product. It’s a waste of time to even ask.

Nice looking model.

Thanks. But, Dave, you, as advanced user of this product, what do you think about them (su team) planning to finally improve the core, is that really possible? I’m sure me not the one who is interested in it. Because our work could be much more faster if this will one day be fixed.

Anything’s possible but who knows? Yes. It might be faster if the core was reworked but I expect if it was done it would be a huge undertaking and probably years of development which might actually be in process. We won’t know until it is released though so it doesn’t make sense to me to spend time speculating.

It does remind me of when loads of people were griping about SketchUp not being a 64-bit application. Their reasoning for wanting it to be 64-bit was that it would make SketchUp faster which wasn’t actually the case.

It’s really so strange that even Windows native tool for 3d preview is able to construct all the polygons when opening supported file format even if there are so known “tiny faces” and SU is not able to do it. I don’t even know an application which has got the same problem.

My position is than I’m ready to donate some money to Trimble and I think many other users support it too. Maybe there are even some enthusiast that could support it too but maybe Trimble itself doesn’t want to make any changes and not ready to share the code itself. It would be great if someone from official support could make it clear.

Nice thought…I do not think money is the sole issue. Finding the talent may be way harder that you or I think.

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