SU Shop question (about scene pages)

Hi all quick question. I recently was using the free trial for the SketchUp pro and was able to open my building plans I have. I was able to select rt wall, lt wall. Ect ECT
And see the dimensions for each one individual.
My question. After the trial I purchased the shop version. Is this feature not available for shop ?

Where were you looking for these dimensions? What were you selecting exactly and with what tool? There are ways to get dimensions in SketchUp Shop. Entity Info can show them as can the Tape Measure tool. And there’s always the Dimension tool.

Yes sir that makes since however I noticed in pro it had a tabs up top of screen with each model left wall rt wall ect… I could select this tabs and it would show my frame work by itself and show all dimensions. That was super helpful and would like to view all my frame work again like this

Are you referring to scene tabs? In SketchUp Shop you’ll find them in the Views panel on the right.

Wow that’s I can’t believe I missed that. Thank you so much that exactly what I needed. Thank you!


Spend some time poking at things to see what there is. The interface is different than in SketchUp Pro but most things are there.