SU Shop, Is the Dimension tool included

Is the dimension tool included in the Sketchup Shop version.
If not, Is there any alternative way to show dimensions on the model

The dimension tool is included in the free version, why would it be removed from the shop version. One of the main reasons for the ‘shop’ version is to use it in the ‘workshop’.

In the web version there is a magnifying glass. Click on that, and type whatever it is you are looking for. In the case of the Dimension tool, by the time you have typed ‘di’ the tool will be listed, and you can select it from the list. That will then find and choose the tool from the sets of tools on the left.

The empty box that appear to the right of the line when you point at it is for a keyboard shortcut. You could click in that and type ‘d’, then be able to get the Dimension tool at any time by pressing the d key.