How to observe the dimensions of an existing object


I’m an absolute newbie at SketchUp and I have a question so basic I can’t find it in any of the videos or faqs. How do you view the size of an object? I’ve spent many years in the two dimensional world of Visio and any line or rectangle I create has a specific size that is easily displayed when the object is selected. Can’t figure out that simple task in SketchUp. I must not have the right toolbar turned on or something. In simplest terms suppose I create few rectangles of various sizes, using the dimension box to make them precise. Later I want to review the size of the first rectangle and I select it. Where are the dimensions displayed? Surely I don’t have to use the measuring tape every time I want to view this fundamental property. Feel free to laugh at the newbie, but please tell me how!

BTW - I can’t figure out how make a profile on this site either. Whenever I go to the profile area all I see is the sample of “AlexB” all filled in and no place to enter my info. No biggie, but curious.


It took me several runs at it also to get profile with something there . .And as to sizes I am making stuff in 3 D so it pops up with a size window and I change things there , , Not trying to make a flat thing . . I am having a problem with getting the stem on the 4 leaf clover to sit in the same plane as the leaves . . Seems I can Not upload the drawing to here to show the problem


The Entity Info will give a length if you select an edge, an area if you select a surface, a volume if a “solid”, a radius and segments for arc or circle. under certain conditions (free of other entities) editable.

to make a rectangle precise after creating use the scale tool, other than using a ratio like 1.4, you can enter the dimensions and units. example: 3m,600mm or 36",3.25’ or a mix of any units to scale the rectangle to a precise dimension

When creating the rectangle in the first place you can enter dimensions on the fly and whilst still in tha tool mode continue editing via the keyboard and pressing enter.


Hi Lynne
you can upload here

2D can be easily drawn on a surface, then delete that surface afterwards.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a7ee2982ffc19b5646972a32b15e00854e8bf3a2.PNG" width=“461” height="193


papacat, lynne
It sounds spending a short time in some of the basic getting started help files should be done. Few hours spent there will save you time in the long run. There are many more how-to videos also.


Question there is that in 2015 version ? As that is what I have . . So making 4 circles and a rectangle and grouping them then raising them to same heights then fixing leaves to be should fix the problem . . Right !


If you want to know the overall dimensions of groups or components, there is an extension by Jim F. called Get Dimensions in the Sketchucation Plugin Store that can give them to you quickly. I use it frequently so I have a keyboard shortcut for it.


Well, I’m a newbie at SketchUp, but I know enough to go through the
training and help info before jumping into something like this. I’ve
been through a lot of the videos (can’t say I’ve seen 'em all as I keep
finding new ones in different places) I’ve also gone through the self
paced tutorials. I’ve searched the faqs and knowledgebase. As I said,
I think my question is so basic it isn’t even mentioned and when I find
the solution it’s gonna be a real “Duh” moment. I’m building in 3D - my
2D Visio example was just that, an example.

That said, let me be more explicit in my difficulty. Say I open a page
and draw three random objects. Could be a cube, a sphere or whatever.
Just for simplicity let’s just say they are basic rectangles. Each one
has a length and width and I can use the dimension box when I create
them to make them precisely the size I want. So I save the document.

Next day I open the document again, but oops, I forgot how big I made
that first rectangle. So I select it. But no where can I find the
length and width displayed. The dimension box I used to create the
rectangle does not appear. I keep running through the various toolbars
looking for something like “object properties” or some such, but have
had no luck. I can grab the tape measure and measure the ■■■■ thing in
each dimension but that seems needlessly time consuming. I gotta
believe there’s a button or menu option somewhere that I’m missing.

I’ve looked for the “Entity Info” as noted in pcmoor’s response but I
can’t find that either. Maybe there’s something missing from my copy
that as a newbie I don’t even know should be there. I’m using SketchUp
Make version 16.0.19912 on a 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate system.

Thanks for all the responses and I appreciate any help you can provide.


No, you are not missing anything. For whatever reason, the UI you want is not built into SketchUp. The plugins referenced in the previous replies are the nearest thing.

Edit: to clarify, there is no built-in UI to show you the length and width of a rectangle after you draw it. The Entity Info window is accessed via the Windows menu and shows various info including Area if the selection is a Face, but it does not show dimensions.


in the top menu click on “Window” . In the dropdown box “Entity Info” should be the second item.


You can always use the tape measure tool to measure the size of the rectangles.


The native “Entity Info” is ALSO a context-menu item [select and right-click…].

DaveR linked to a useful [additional] Plugin


Here you can see what was described above.
In SU2016 there is the new Tray feature which is where you will find Entity Info. These trays can be setup to suit how you like to work.