SU Pro 2023 Full of bugs

A lot of the time I get BugSplats whenever I try to open a model by double clicking it…I have to open SU then open the file.
Most of the time I get BugSplats when I save and close a model.
A lot of components created in previous versions open shrunken if they were scaled and saved in a previous version. This never happens in previous versions.
If it wasn’t for the new FLIP command in SU2023 i’d go back to 2022.

Let hope there’s a bugfix update soon!

What procedure did you use when SketchUp 2023 was installed?

hi, can you confirm that you’re sending the bugsplats ? not just see them, but fill them in and send them ? (at least one) Otherwise, nobody at SU’s HQ can look at them and help you.

huuuum could you share one of the problematic files?

I used the installer as usual.

Yes I’m sending the bugsplats.
Files at work, no access at home.

What were the steps you used?

What does “as usual” mean? Did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu?

Hi all I have updated the first patch to 2023 and I am still tearing my hair out. Transitions between scenes clunky/ slow and constant bug splats. I am not sure what to do…

I wish I had hair.

Can you give us a file and some steps, to show a specific issue? Hopefully, it will show either something we can fix, or something we know a way around.

In the meantime, if you have Profiles turned on, try turning those off. If you have a HiDPI monitor, go into Preferences, Graphics, and try a lower antialiasing setting. Even 0x would look ok on a HiDPI monitor.

Yep, I’m getting and INSANE amount of bugsplats for seemingly no reason. One thing I realized is that 2023 splats more often if my scene transition times are set to 0 seconds. Adding 0.5 seconds to scene times helps that issue. However, I get so many other unexplained splats. Extremely frustrating.

The scene change crashes were tracked down to being caused by Scan Essentials. If you have that installed and you’re not using it, disable the extension. Then you can turn off scene transitions.

Awesome, thanks for that.