SU-Pro 2020 does not open

When I don’t use SU for a few days and want to go back to work with SU, it asks me to sign in, I click on the “sign-in” and goes to a window showing: WOOT Logout is done.
I close that window and it goes back to the sign-in window.
How to fix and avoid that situation?
Thank you.
Chris B.

Are you always using the same version of SketchUp? There can be times when you are signed in with 2020, then for a valid reason you use 2019, which thinks you’re signed out. You then sign in, but the server knows that you’re already signed in, and so signs you out.

You could also get similar issues if someone had deauthorized devices, or if SketchUp was due to check in that day. Maybe others with have more suggestions.

First time I visited the US was 34 years ago, and I was in San Mateo for six weeks.

I just subscribed to SU Pro 2020 two months ago and it is the only SketchUp that I use.
Right now I cannot open it. I have the account and confirmation numbers.

What happens when you try to open it? It should work if you sign in using your yahoo email address (I think that’s the one you are using for the subscription).

When I click on “sign-in”, it goes straight to a window that shows: “WOOT Logout is done”, then I close that window and it goes back to the “sign-in” page.

I’ve solved this for myself by clicking on “add another license” on the splash screen, and then pressing sign in on the profile picture in the top right corner

Thank you id360, I will give it a try.