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ONLY with the square tool I am not able to introduce measures. All was fine, but today not.

When I put a measure, for example 1 foot to 1 foot… happens nothing. Is this a bug? When I do a circle radius all is fine. ONLY square happens nothing.


What symbol are you using to separate the two inputs? Some system uses comma (,), some semicolon (;).



When I think of it I think there is an issue in some newer version where pressing Shift to write the semicolon changes inference and clears what has already been written.

I still use SU 2016 at work and don’t draw very much at home anymore, where I have SU2017 and 2018 too.

make sure you turn off “smart quotes” if using imperial inputs…


I wish SU could just replace smart quotes with standard " symbols internally…

Can you please tell me what are smart quotes? Im using metric. Do I need that for metric?

Only wrote foots because I thought people here were all from USA. I dont know why I did that.

Smart quotes is a Mac feature turning a pair of quote symbols into those fancy asymmetric quotes (“ ”, ‘ ’). These however can’t be understood by SketchUp. If you are not on Mac, or do not use imperial units, you don’t need to care about this.

While the forum is in US English there are people from all around the world here. I’m Swedish, some are British, a few Germans and so on.

“these are smart or curly quote marks”…

they represent spoken words but SU input boxes need "straight quotes"...

there are a number of posts which explain how to turn them off on your mac…

Windows uses also need to be careful when copy pasting them into ‘Ruby Console’…


No, you don´t need them when working with the metric system.
Try the ´Rectangle´ tool and draw one. Then immediately type 3,5m;7,5m and hit [Enter] or mac’s equivalent. See if your rectangle ends up being 3,5 meters by 7,5 meters

(p.s. I’m Dutch)

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