SU Pro 2018 - Import Kml


I have problems when i import a kml file.
I work with SU Pro 2018.

In first, i load a terrain location from the SU tool (terrain from DigitalGlobe).
When i import a kml file, i have this dialog box "The model does not contain a Google Earth terrain. Do you want to import one first ?"
I can click on yes or no, it don’t work.

How can i solve this problem ?

Thank you

Open the KML in a text editor. What does it contain?

Google won’t let you export any 3D geometry from Google Earth - basically what is exported is only the location.

The KML file is not made with google earth.
I tried to export several simple kml files (with a polygon or a point) from many soft like QGIS or illustrator with mapublisher plugin.
I had always the same dialog box.

That means that whatever the source, the KML file does not include a 3D model.

That means that a kml file without 3D model don’t work anymore ?

Because, with SU Pro 2015 and google terrain, i imported several kml file with only 2D polygon.

I’ll assume you mean a .kmz file, not .kml. A .kmz file is a zipped archive that may contain both native kml 3D geometric elements and a collada file of a 3D model. Depending on the source, either of these model datasets may be missing. SketchUp can import the file only if it contains the collada portion; SketchUp does not process native kml elements.

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