KML exports for Google Earth

I want to use 3D models of buildings in Google Earh as KML. As source the dutch GIS files from 3D BAG is used. There are several methods to turn these cityjson / obj and geopackage files into either IFC or DWG. The problem i have is that none of the imports result in kml that have a display. I hope someone can help me make kml files that are good. I have no clue what kind of object geometry kml needs. Needless to say it needs be georeferenced

I also tried FME to write kml files but these files can not be imported in Sketchup

3D GIS source:

converted files (5650 needed as 3D kml)

If you geo-locate and split into several smaller files, you can import in GE the KMZ files exported from SU.


Google Earth

Thank you. That actually worked!

There seems to be some maximum area or number of objects for exporting .kml/kmz. I would like to know what the maximum is. Also, a waring from Sketchup would be welcome.

One other issue i have is distortion of image as textures. Can this be fixed?