Import KML file to sketchup pro 2015


I am using 2015 pro
when I open the kml file in google earth I see it perfectly in 3D.
I am trying to import it to sketchup and nothing is working for me.

Can anyone help?
I get does files from time to time to create the building inside the area without building the area also

Please advice

5000745439.kml (536.5 KB)

Where did the KML file come from?

If it didn’t come from a SketchUp file, it isn’t likely to contain any geometry SketchUp can read.

The moniciple city gave it us.
I don’t know how it was made.
I am just need to convert it to something sketchup can read
When I converted it to dxf, It was look like a 2D

SketchUp can’t import a .kml file directly. SketchUp deals with .kmz, which is a zipped archive format that can contain (among other things) a collada formatted model file. SketchUp only understands the collada portion of a kmz. The kml language itself contains geographic-based 3D elements that SketchUp can’t import.

What did you use to convert the kml to dxf? It sounds like that tool doesn’t understand 3D.

I do not know.
Someone else converted it for me.

Is there any way I can do so

I think your time would be better spent contacting someone at the municipality to see if they can provide you with a 3D DXF or other file that SketchUp can import directly.

This Google earth file is the only thing available

You may need to take the 2D DXF file you have and start with the Push/Pull tool.


Well, the KML file isn’t going to do you any good as it is. Contact the person who provided you with the DXF. Maybe they can do something for you. Otherwise, you might as well get on with it. As my grandfather would say, “You’re burning daylight.” :wink:

Depending on your location and value of the project you might find Place Maker useful.

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