Fail to extract model from a kmz

First Hello! I hope my post in the correct category, if it is not, sorry ><
I am an architecture student and I am working with the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok. Looking for some models to work with I found this web ThaiEarth | Ogle Earth where there is the most accurate model for the temple. It is a kmz file and I really need to work with it in sketchup. I’ve tried every tutorial I found on the internet but I am not able to extract the model.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :smile:

No luck with the kmz, but I think I’ve found the model in the warehouse?

Hi! I found it too, but it is not so accurate like the kmz file, that’s why I am trying to get the other one.
Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

How do you know if you weren’t able to open it? The model is from the same author, maybe you can ask him for another, more detailed version of the model?

I can see the model in google earth that’s how I know

So far as I can tell, that KMZ file defines the model in terms of KML geometry primitives. SketchUp can only import KMZ files whose 3D models are defined in the Collada format (which is more conventional than drawing a 3D model using KML primitives).

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ahhh ok :slight_smile: thank you for the explanation!

If any of you have Google Earth 4, it would be possible to save out the KMZ from there, import it as a 3D layer in Photoshop, and export a Collada file.

I can’t find anywhere to get version 4, the oldest Google allow you to get is 5.x.

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Ok, i will try!! Thank you :smiley: