SU playing up

Can anyone see what might be going on here?

I have been working on the attached drawing for a while and had set up normal architectural scenes. Nothing unusual, successful export to Layout, etc.

In the middle of working on the file, I discovered suddenly that, when I change scene now, it momentarily shows what I intended but then reverts to a fixed camera position. Does that happen to others too?

Aldeburgh7.skp (9.5 MB)

In the marked scenes the Camera location is not saved.
Therefore when you switch to them the actual camera will be used…e.g. if you were on North and go to one of the scene not saved the camera you will get the camera position as on North.

Not sure that is quite right.

Firstly, I cannot reset the camera as it always jumps back to this default now.

Secondly, here is what the dialog box shows my end for what should be (and was) a plan view:

This is what I see:

I haven’t noticed anything unusual Simon - it’s as expected

Well it’s useful to know that it is not file corruption. I expect I need to power down the pooter and restart.