SU Outliner 2023 seems different

The outliner no longer reacts as before and it is no longer useful as it is. :weary: :cry:

Selection by drawing a rectangle => no
Right click on a partial selection => no
right click on a complete selection => yes while holding the SHIFT key
Not to mention the instability of its anchorage and dimension.


The release notes for 2023.0.1 has these three entries for Outliner fixes:

  • (Win) Fixed an issue where selecting a component with the mouse in the Outliner dialog would not allow the user to click and move the component.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where editing a component name in the Outliner did not work properly.
  • (Win) Fix an issue when opening two models with the Outliner dialog open that SketchUp would crash on exit.

The downloads page has the new version:

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the patch Su 2023.01 fixe the outliner panel
Well done !

All fixed now - thanks. Although. my Windows anti-virus objected to the download and install of the latest SU version; I had to turn off the anti-virus to to facilitate the process; I didn’t enjoy that.

If you can work out the steps, here’s a page of Microsoft’s where you can lodge a complaint about getting a ‘false positive’ when installing SketchUp:

We already filed a complaint as the software developer.

Testing the 23.0.397 Outliner. Still a few bugs left. See pic

Up to SU 2023, if you select an object in the viewport, the hierarchy in the outliner would expand so you see the selected object in the hierarchy. In 2023 the hierarchy remains as before. Any modeller would need the feedback to be sure they are selecting the right object.

There is bug that reverts named groups back to Group when doing this:
1…3 shift select a few objects in the viewport
4 shift select an object in the outliner to add to the selection
Result: the first three obejcts that were selected are renamed Group again.
For anyone who’s workflow is based on working with named groups (instead of tags), this issue will keep them in SU22.


I too rely on Group names for navigation. And I too am going mad with Outliner renaming my groups to ‘Group’. I’m thinking that the SU2023 was a bit premature or, are these teething problems common with a new release?


Did you change the instance name in Entity Info? When groups are created the default name has always been “group”. On the other hand, components have a unique name assigned at creation, the user has the option of changing it. It also can be changed in eEntity Info.

Must be a glitch in the rework of the Windows GUI to the Qt framework. I can’t cause it to happen on my Mac (they didn’t port Mac SketchUp GUI to Qt yet).

Yes indeed. In Outliner based workflow (as an alternative to using ‘layers’), upon creating a group or component you immediately give it a new name that makes sense like ‘foundation’ or ‘windows’ etc. This bug that renames all selected groups back to ‘group’ is a nightmare.

I haven’t seen that one yet!

Just follow my step 1,2,3,4 in the pic a few posts above this one

I can’t replicate on Mac either.
NB to add to or remove groups from the selection in Outliner on Mac I find Cmd-click is more useful, the Shift-click behaviour can have rather unpredictable effects.

yeah, it’s a common “thing” on mac.

shift click will select all between the first and the second selection.
say I have a list, I select number 2, and shift click number 10. all elements from 2 to 10 will be selected. Now I realise I forgot to take number 1, if I shift click 1, it’ll select from 2 (the original click) to 1. and deselect 3-10

Whereas cmd click let you add one element at a time to a selection.

In the end, I probably use a combo, shift for the bulk, cmd for the detail


The outliner in '23 is much harder to work with than previous versions. If you like to keep track of what you are working on it’s much more difficult. You can’t click out of the outliner in the whitespace any more to get out of everything and the “collapse all” function only works if you are at the bold text at the top of the outliner. Since SU '20 the outliner has gotten harder and harder to use every year.

I have Win64 23.0.397. Collapse does not work even when clicking at the very top hierarchy.

Yep. I’m going back to SU 2022.

updated to V23.0.419 64 bit

  • didin’t fix the problem.
  • still renaming groups willy nilly.

I can confirm. Quite disappointing this hasn’t been fixed. For people using an Outliner based workflow with named groups this is a deal breaker. Back to working with SketchUp 2022. Just to be clear, its the second problem in this post we’re referring to SU Outliner 2023 seems different - #9 by maxB
edit: removed the drama

See the Release notes for the changes.