Disappointing experience on switching to SU23

Here are some of the bad experiences I had after updating from v22 to v23.

On opening a group by double clicking on it in the drawing, the group does not open in outliner anymore.

Double clicking an entity in outliner in order to open it for editing does not work anymore.

Selecting a list of entities on the same level in outliner (click first one, shift-click last one) in order to rename them or make them a group etc. does not work anymore. You now have to cltr-click each entity separately.

Moving selected groups/entities from one group to another in outliner does not work any more (you now can only move one single group or entity at a time).

Right-clicking selected groups/entities in outliner in order to make them a group etc. does not work anymore (you now have to right-click one of the selected entities in the drawing to do this).

On exploding a group in outliner by right-click, the parent group closes instead of staying open. Furthermore, sometimes the names of the exploded child-groups/entities change to “group” (1x undo repairs this).

Typing ctrl-z repeatedly used to “undo” as many steps. This does not work anymore: only one undo is possible (now one has to revert to button-bar).

Something is wrong in indicating the material assigned to an entity. After changing the material of a nested enti-ty, the parent entity shows the same change of material for considerable time until it corrects itself.

Don’t know if some of those changes were made deliberately (like maybe the first one mentioned) or are bugs, they annoy me to the max. I am using SU since 2007, always with great pleasure and satisfaction, but this enthu-siasm lately waned considerably because of the little progress made in developing (not listening to the many suggestions/complaints made by users) and specially now the things I mentioned above are seriously hampering my workflow.

I speedily returned to v22, hoping things will be better in the next bug-release.

p.s. Also very annoying for years: After entering an entity-name in the entity tray, giving “Enter” does not close the name-field.

  1. Replace component doesn’t work (well sometimes it does, other times not).
  2. Keeps crashing without any recent save back-up, lost tonnes of work from this.
  3. When opening a model with shadows on, shadow button will appear as off. You must turn on shadows, then turn off again to get shadows to turn off.
  4. New flip tool quite useful, but not worth spending any time on it.
  5. No significant speed improvements noticeable.
  6. Sketch Up 2022 wins

Do you get a bugsplat? Do you add identifying info and submit it?

Hi RLGL, Yes I do on some occasions, but other times I just close the window, open V22 and start my work again. My colleague has uninstalled V23 altogether, he’s done this so that when opening Sketch Up by selecting an existing drawing he’ll be straight into V22, his strategy is to wait for the bugs to be fixed before he re-installs V23.

Next time I get a bug splat, I’ll screen snip the report and add it to this thread.

Rather fill in your e-mail address and click the Send button.

Ok thanks Anssi, I’ll do that.

Yes, the Entity Info inspector has a refresh bug. This has been reported to Devs.

They are unintentional bugs that got past the GUI migration to the Qt framework.
The ultimate goal is for parity with the old GUI as it was using the ol’ MFC libraries.

Sketch Up 2023 and Layout 2023, styles not updating.
The issue seems to be random, I’m loosing faith in Sketch Up, it used to be such a solid tool!

You see on your screenshot, next to the red cross you’ve drawn on the right side ?

there is a Background option to tick. if you tick it, you have a background (grey in your case)
here it’s unticked. so transparent, no grey.

it’s been here for a few years now

Thanks Atelienab, I knew about that option but didn’t see it. I must have Sketch Up 2023 rage!

I apologise Sketch Up!

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I wonder if you can help with an issue I’ve noticed between Sketch Up 2023 and Layout 2023?

I’ve set up my Layout file, I’m happy with how it all looks. I go back to Sketch Up to make an amendment of the design, I save and update model reference in Layout. Layout updates but shifts position of the drawing/s. The shift is usually quite small but its enough to cause a session of re-working to put everything back as I wanted.

I did not notice this in Sketch Up 2022.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hello @RapidRamp. I am a QA engineer with SketchUp working with our Devs on LayOut. We’ve had a handful of issues with the behavior you’re describing here and are currently working on some changes to address the undesirable shifts in viewports. For some reason, I cannot send private messages here on the forum. Would you mind shooting me your email address in a private message? I’d like to make sure the changes we have in-flight are addressing what you’re seeing before that release goes out.

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I would not share my email address with someone who claims to be a member of the SketchUp team, but this fact is not mentioned in their profile.

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yeah. surely an admin will give @ajeffers the proper accreditation, at least the “sketchup team” tag :wink:

Hopefully they will eventually give me the coveted team tag. :joy:

I appreciate the healthy reluctance here. There’s a reason I’m not sharing my email, though it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out either. In any case, I am indeed a SketchUp employee and have just created this account to follow up on this from a beta program issue @DanRathbun created to bring this to our attention.


Yes. Austin Jeffers is a Trimble employee on the LayOut Dev Team.

I did send a PM reminder to admins Jody and Aaron that Austin’s forum account needs upgrading.


Krojan, have you had any luck getting the Outliner bugs fixed?

The inability or select and group in the Outliner makes it almost impossible to use with big models. I am also experiencing name changes to my groups if I try to select items in the Outliner and not the main window. I have now returned to SU2022 … given up on SU2023.

Groups usually change their names if you apply Boolean operations on them, and the name is changed to the name of the Boolean operation you applied, like union, outter shell, subtract, etc. I don’t know if there are more cases where a group changes it’s name automatically. I’m using the 2023 version on MacOS and windows, I haven’t had any problem with the groups on the outliner changing names for other reason than the previously mentioned.

I’m sorry to say no news here. I reverted tot SU22 also. Recently complained to my distributor about the unprofessional manner Trimble ejects new versions without proper testing. Distributor agreed, had a lot more complaints. Seems there is a new bug-release of SU23 but distributor advised me it is still full of problems. So I’'l just wait for a while.

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