SU Make 2016 closes automatically

I installed SU Make 2016 yesterday, after install and uninstall several times, and it closes automatically after a few minuts when i am drawing or doing nothing…
I´ve seen other Topics to solve my problem and i haven´t found solution.
I have a w8.1, 64bits, Intel® HD Graphics 550, NVIDIA GeForce 840M

Are you getting a BugSplat or other report of a crash when SU closes? If so, are you submitting the BugSplats to Trimble? If the answer to either question is no, the developers won’t be able to give you an exact answer.

Do you have any extensions/plugins installed? Have you tried turning off SU’s autosave?

Try turning off Hardware Acceleration under Window>Preferences>OpenGL. If that helps, go to the nVidia control panel and make sure you have updated drivers and that the GeForce card is explicitly setup to run SketchUp.

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When SU closes doesn´t appear any message.
I haven´t any plugin, i uninstalled all the plugin because i thought that this was the problem. How can i turning off SU´s autosave?

Look on SketchUp’s Preferences->General panel and uncheck the box for Auto-save.

I tried as you say, but after five minutes approx it closes :frowning:

Now, when SU closes appear the following message(translation from spanish to english):
“The program stopped working correctly for a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution”.
I have the sensation, i don´t know if i am in a mistake, that when i use a tool more complicated like equidistance, tools for create curves, follow me, …, is when it closes

I have tried turning off Hardware Acceleration, and it closes equally

And in this occasion i had a bug splat

If you sent it in with identifying information such as your name and email (a link back to this topic also helps) someone at Trimble will take a look and may be able to identify the cause.

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I did this and a web page appeared with this message:
We believe this crash is graphics card related and is far more likely to occur when using the 64-bit version of SketchUp.
If you are using the 64-bit version of SketchUp, you may want to consider downloading the 32-bit version of SketchUp from here. Using the 32-bit version of SketchUp vs the 64-bit version may provide a workaround for this crash.

I don´t know what are the disadvantages to change to 32bit… :confused:

All that 64-bit vs 32-bit does is to increase the amount of memory a program can use without running into swapping (which slows things down immensely). Not many SketchUp models are that large, and performance usually starts to suffer for other reasons first. The recommendation to go to 32-bit is because some graphics cards’ 64-bit drivers contain errors that crash SketchUp whereas the 32-bit versions might not.

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I had installed SU 32 bit and it seems to go well.

Thank you all and Trimble to solve my problem

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