SU & LO 2018 Issues

I am having several issues with 2018:

  1. Getting save errors “This document’s file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it.” - I normally save to dropbox, but it does it even saving locally - also deleted all extensions.

  2. Layout Selection - Something has changed when clicking on a drawn object in Layout. I used to be able to drag an item easier, now it seems to want to rotate or scale the object - the threshold for moving is smaller than before?

Anyone else experiencing this?

Same issue here. Any response?

Seeing the same weird error…
2018 Pro software, Mac OSX
files stored in a Dropbox folder

After performing a “save” I rotated the view and performed another “save” which produced the error again. I had not added or deleted any geometry or done any other operations, just a view rotation.

It is not a good idea to open files directly from a Dropbox folder. Save files you work on to your local hard drive, and copy them over to Dropbox or your favourite cloud storage when finished.

The selection/moving issue in layout is also covered in this thread.

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