Alert when I what to save document with changes

does anybody know what this means?
This shows up since I installed Sketchup 2017.
When I what to save the document with some changes this alert shows up.
It’s not saving.
When I choose a new document-name it works.


Best regards

You don’t say whether you use Windows or Mac, but I assume Windows.

When you installed Sketchup, did you select the exe file and R-click ‘Run as administrator’?

If you didn’t try that again, but choose Repair when prompted.

Not doing that may be the cause of SU and Layout not having write permission to save backup files.

Did you set a backup location in Preferences/Files?

Hi John,

I’m MAC User.

What could I do?

In that case, sorry, I don’t know. I am using SU mainly on a Mac, but I don’t use Layout often myself, so I haven’t had many opportunities to see if I get the same problem.

Could you update your profile to say which version of Mac OS you use, instead of the chip name, please?

Maybe @slbaumgartner or @john_drivenupthewall might have an answer. They are both experienced Mac users.


I’m using Mac OS X 10.11.6.
I used SU since 3 year now and never had this kind of problem.
Yes, auto backup in preferences is on.

Maybe this was only a temporary problem.

Thanks again.

I’ve not gotten that error, so I can only speculate. When you save an edited file with the original name, SketchUp first creates the backup by renaming the original on disk, inserting a ~ before the extension. That is evidently the step that is failing (and when you save as a new name this step isn’t needed, which is why that workaround succeeds. So the question is why is the attempt to rename failing?

For starters right click the file in Finder and select get info. At the bottom of the dialog make sure you have full permissions for the file. Also check the permissions for the folder containing the file (though since you can save as a new name that seems unlikely to be the cause).

Are there any unusual or accented characters in the original file name?

At that point without sitting down at your mac and poking around, I’m out of ideas…

Maybe you have the file still open in 2016 version of layout ?

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