Saving/ editing issues in Layout

Hello all,

I’m having problems saving layout files, since I have started using 2016. I’m on a mac.

The scenerio is, I create a new blank document, then paste a text box from another document. If I leave the doc on the desktop, no issues with editing and saving. If I drop the doc into another folder, then alter this doc and try to save, it tells me the doc “xxxx” could not be saved. If I move it back to the desktop, again, no issues.

Anyone else have this problem? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

how are you moving it, ’ LayOut >> File >> Save As’ or drag and drop?

if drag and drop, is the file open in LayOut when you move it?

are you reopening by clicking the file or the LayOut >> File >> Open menu…


Drag and drop. I’ve tried it both open and closed, same result. I’ve been opening by clicking on the file.

I have just tried using new folder names…looks to me like mac and sketchup do not like “/” in the folder name. When I delete the /, all is well.

mac’s have never liked slashes in filenames as it’s a file seperator [ means ‘I’m a folder, look inside’]…

some code will also fail if you use : in a filename…

they are both considered illegal characters although you can use either or both in a Folder name without Finder complaining…

there are others to avoid if you share files over the internet and or email to PC users…


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Thanks John, appreciate your time and the input… I like your explanation much better than the popup I got on my screen, thank you,