Cannot Save Any Layout File to Computer

No matter what I do I cannot Save a layout file I’ve imported and worked on from SketchUp. Every time I try and save it it brings up a window that says “try using another name, without punctuation marks.” But I doesn’t matter what name I name it, it always does this same thing. I’ve even given full disk access to layout in my Mac privacy settings, still no luck. I tried reaching out to SketchUp/Trimble tech support but 3 days have passed and I have yet to hear back. How can I save my SketchUp files to my computer so I don’t have to start from scratch Everytime?

In some languages a pipe symbol, |, is used as a special character, that means take the results of the previous operation and pass it onto the next operation. I don’t know why it is that the character upsets LayOut but works fine in SketchUp and other Mac OS apps.

@Adam may know.

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I for some reason was able to save it as a scrapbook format in layout, whatever a scrapbook is. But now I can open that scrap book and convert it back to normal to modify, then re-save it as a scrapbook. Still such a pain…

Scrapbook is just a LayOut file in a special folder. It prevents you from using the | character, which is why it saves ok.

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You have the illegal pipe character in the name of your documents folder. Not a good idea.

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What is this “pipe character” your talking about? I am ignorant of what I have apparently done wrong…

So this character | in the folder “|Documents” is the reason I can’t save anything? So I just delete that character | from that folder name and it should save?

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Yes, change it to Documents.


Bingo. Don’t rename Documents.

Ok thanks, I renamed it initially just because I hate how Mac forces you to use the 4 folders they name (Documents, Photos, Videos, Music), and you can rename those folders or move them or anything. I like having things very neat and clean, like a master folder file and then everything assorted neatly from then on. But I’ll get rid of the pipe character regardless :pensive:.

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You’re certainly not forced to use those folders. You can use any folder you want. But that is the default docs folder and it’s best to keep it named as such for the best compatibility with macOS and your other applications.

I just keep my folders organized within Documents as you describe. Super simple.

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Thanks everyone! That fixed it! Way faster than tech support. Do they even respond to people at all? Lol anyone else have issues with tech support responding?