Layout doesn't accept a | in the file path but SU does. Why inconsistent behaviour?


Just testing 2020 on the Mac. I notice that the following still applies to 2020.
Layout doesn’t accept a | ( the pipe character ) in the file path but SU does. Why is there this inconsistent behaviour?
If I save the file first to my desktop and then move it to the refused folder it works. Very annoying.

Is there an easy solution? Any fix underway?

Maybe Apply the “KISS” principle ?.. I have to say using PCs for almost 37 years and never seen that character used in a file path…

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The pipe character is used in scripting to pipe IO between objects (program processes, ports and files.)

Using it within file or directory names is asking for trouble.

SketchUp and LayOut share core code for both platforms.
On Windows we get this warning if trying to name a file or directory with a special character …


Do not hold your breath. Neither SketchUp nor LayOut (no any other program) should try to allow this.

Yes, don’t do it.


I use it since 1973 and only Layout has a problem with it.
It is an official character, so don’t tell me otherwise. Asking for trouble is your personal opinion.
They should respect the systems possibilities.
You can use it in scripting but also on other places.

The question stands, why is SU accepting those characters and Layout not.

@Adam may know why.

SketchUp and LayOut are built with different frameworks and may function differently.

I would strongly recommend against using pipe in file names. It may work on some systems but not on others and can cause issues with portabiolity, backup and other things. Being a valid character is not the same thing as being a good character to use in file names. Slash and backslash are also “valid characters” but not allowed in file names.

I think the developers of LayOut or the framework or libraries it uses simply forgot to include such check. It’s not very likely input.

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