Sharing LO files

I would like to have something confirmed about the embedment of SU files in LO files.

Say I send a Layout file I created to someone else who has Sketchup. They make some amendments and then send the LO file back to me. The returned file has the same SU filename as the one on my system. When I open the LO file, it looks identical to the one I originally sent. Could this be because the SU filename has not changed and LO is pulling the local file in rather than the embedded amended one?

If this does cause a problem, what is the best way to avoid it happening?

Generally, I find that using distinctly different file names avoids confusion among versions of my work files.

I would think that with the"relink" button the right versions of SU and LO files can always be married again, even if file naming and folder locations were changed?

Are you sure you’re opening the LO file they sent back? Rename a copy of the LayOut file before you send it so you can be assured you’re opening the one you get back. Also take a moment to embed the SketchUp file in that LayOut file so when you get it back and open it LayOut won’t look at your original SketchUp model. You can always relink to your SketchUp model if you want. Or, if you want to keep the changes they made, you can open the embedded SketchUp file and save it over your orginal SketchUp file.