Problem with model references..all of them

I’ve been having a huge problem with LO. all my LO files always get missing links when I open the LO documents and they always reference the internal SU file instead of the original. when I click to update or relink, this doesn’t work, the only thing that works is unlinking then relinking the original SU file. this has become very tiresome as I need to redo most of my dimensions etc.

Any help will be appreciated, I have so much work to do but I keep running into these technical issues. I don’t know what im doing wrong.

The most common reason for this sort is due to the way the SketchUp model is inserted into the LayOut file in the first place. If, for example, you are copying and pasting between SketchUp and LayOut you will induce this problem.

Share a sample LayOut file that shows this problem so we can see what you’ve got.

Hey there, so no ive been reading around the forum, and I am avoiding copy/paste from SU, I send directly to LO or I import from LO. also, I import only once, then copy to make other viewports. its just not working at all. I dd a test run where I opened my SU model, sent to LO, used one of the built in templates to paste. when I want to save the file, it won’t even let me save in the same work folder (my project folder). I can only save on the desktop. immediately after saving, I open the LO file and go straight to references, there its missing. ill link one of the LO files now

how do I share a file?

Drag and drop it into a reply here or if it’s too large, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

its too big. im gonna send via DropBox

How are you starting LayOut?
Do you have an icon in the dock?
What happens if you go to the applications folder in finder and open the SketchUp folder and start from LayOut from there?

yes I have the icon in the dock, but ive just tried opening a new LO file from finder/applications… and imported a scene from my SU file. still same problem. won’t let me even save in my folder. I get a funny message that I can’t save. but if I change the location, lets say to desktop, then it’ll let me save the file there, but not in the same folder as the original SU file

I think LayOut is confused by the interpunctions in the (relative ) foldername.
Try to avoid ‘:’ and ‘/‘

yeah I don’t actually have those. as you can see in the screenshot I even left the LO file name as “untitled”. didn’t work. however, even the file saved on the desktop has the same problem that it’ll reference internal SU link, not the original.

I meant the CAROLINA_02:22 folder, two levels up…

So your suggestion worked like a charm!!! I changed all the files to only have underscores, no other characters. I must have not noticed I was doing that. When I changed my file names, now LO can remember the path. Thank you guys for all your help.much appreciated!