Referenced SU model listed in red as "missing"

I’m working with Layout 2019 on a mac running el cap. Recently I no longer see the model I referenced listed in blue, but only a layout version buried in my library and listed in red as “missing”. If I click on it and hit edit it finds the model (not missing) and will open it inside SU. This seems to be a chached version and not the current one. I’ve read a few posts on this about a temp folder, but go into great depth on the why and not how to fix the situation. I know have two of these mystery versions of my working model as I attempt to fix the situation (no way to have the model viewports update). Furthermore when I tried to “insert” the model again it defaults to the bogus referenced model which is says is missing. Very disconcerting as deadlines loom. Should I start over with the 2018 version which never had these issues or is there an easy fix?

If the reference file has been moved or the path has been deleted because it references a temp folder, you can choose relink in the Reference panel and choose the current version of the .skp file. That should update things and get you back on track.

If you copy from Sketchup and paste to LayOut you will create references that point to a temporary folder. Copying and pasting is not a good way to get from SU to LO because the reference will be deleted by the OS during regular maintenance.

Also, you should never insert a .skp file into a LayOut file more than once.

p.s. You do cool work! I love the style.

Thanks for the quick response. I grew up with Autocad xrefs so I’m never in the habit of messing with paths, or changing file names. I typically insert the model in layout and then copy VP’s, but I thought I read you should insert for each VP in one of these fixes. Guess that’s the wrong approach. I’ll try the relink approach and see what happens. Cheers.

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You should insert the file once or use send to LayOut once. After you have the first viewport in the LO project, copy the viewport and paste it as needed to create additional viewports but don’t insert again.

I tried to ‘relink’ and managed to eliminate one of the red references in my library app support folder, but the model is still not updating. I’m stumped. I’m attaching a GD link in hopes you can take a look sometime.


Google Drive link

Looking now. It looks like you have two references to the same file which isn’t good. the most expedient think to do would be to relink both of them to the original SketchUp file. The better thing to do would be remove the viewport(s) linked to one of those file and replace them using the other one so you only have one .skp file reference from the model. After removing the viewport(s) from the second .skp reference, purge the LO file.

FWIW, it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your .skp files once in awhile, too.
Screenshot - 5_27_2021 , 8_02_20 PM

Actually, at least in Su/LO 2021, relinking both references to the same SU file removed the extraneous link. There are dimensions on the last page that need to be reconnected or replaced.

Thanks. The double reference was an effort to fix the first red “missing” appearance. I’ll plan on deleting all the VP’s.

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Hi Dave,

Your comment above
Also, you should never insert a .skp file into a LayOut file more than once

So in the same Layout File, I have a .skp file that has floor plans, elevations, site planning, building sections. With separate individual .skp files, I have all of my details. They are linked in to the same Layout File.

That’s ok, isn’t it?

Yeah. That’s different. That’s two different SketchUp files. Insert each one once. After you have the .skp file inserted, copy the viewport to make additional ones for the other scenes you need to show.

I am having a similar issue. I inserted the model into the layout file but after several hours it replaces that link with a cached version in a temp folder. I have to purge and relink it and then the viewports will update with changes but obviously this is incredibly tedious. Any advice?

Did you insert it via Copy and Paste?

Never seen this. Are you using copy-paste to insert from SketchUp to LayOut? Is your model residing in a folder in the cloud, or a folder synced with the cloud? Sounds like the path to it is not remaining constant.

I inserted via the file->insert for the first instance/viewport and then copy/pasted subsequent that first instance. The file is in a folder that is synced with google drive.

Do you mean you copied and pasted the first viewport? Or are you copying from SketchUp to LayOut?

I inserted first viewport via the “file->insert” command in layout

Understood from your previous post. After that are you copying that first viewport to make the next or are you copying from SketchUp and pasting into LO?

There should be no reference to a temporary file with File>Insert.

yes sorry I am copying that first viewport with in layout to make the next viewport.

OK. Well that’s good. Like @Anssi I’ve never seen a temporary file replace a non-temporary reference. I’ve only ever seen references to temporary files when the user copies from SU and pastes to LO.

Where is your Sketchup model file saved? Is it local or out in the cloud somewhere?

it’s saved in a google drive folder