Referenced SU model listed in red as "missing"

Ah ha! The penny drops. You should only work on files saved on your local internal drive. After saving them, sync to Google Drive. Do not work on files directly from the cloud.

okie dokie thanks for the help Dave!

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You’re quite welcome.

By the way, I expect that the temporary file is created at a time when your computer can’t access Google Drive during an autosave. Might only be a few milliseconds but it doesn’t take much of an interruption.

To be honest I think you’ve been quite fortunate that this is the only problem you’ve had. Many users have wound up with corrupted files because an autosave is interrupted. All it takes is a packet or two to go missing.

yes I guess I have been lucky. How do other teams deal with the coordinating shared models? Download for local editing and re-upload to the cloud and then re-link file paths I guess?

I think the safe thing is to “check out” the project file from the “library” by downloading it to your local drive. Do your work on it, save it, and then return it to the “library” when you are finished. It might make sense for your organization to keep back versions so when you save the changes to the LayOut file you use Save as and append a version number or date or whatever so you aren’t replacing the file you started with. You just end up with a newer version of it next to the older one.

If you aren’t using it now, you might want to look at Trimble Connect. It gives you cloud storage, shows history, you can set up Projects with teams authorized to work on the project and if you want to be able to share SketchUp models with clients, you can send them the link to the file which they open through the online viewer. That way you aren’t actually sending the SketchUp model file to them. Lots of other options with it and certainly worth a little explore.