Layout does nothing when inserting SU model

Layout and SketchUp 2018 - Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6
2018 Macbook Pro, 32GB RAM, Radeon Pro 555X 4 GB Video, 1TB SSD

I am unable to insert SU models into this particular LO doc. Last time I used Layout there were no problems with this doc. However, upon opening this doc a few weeks later, I’ve had several weird issues with the SU models being gone, showing only the warning triangle. All dimensions/callouts were pushed to the top and left of the Layout page. SU models were not renamed, only geometry modified slightly.

When I attempt to re-insert those SU models, nothing happens. The app is not hung, but the model simply does not import - its as if I’ve invoked nothing with the “File->Insert”. The model I am attempting to insert is less than 2Mb, not complex, and worked fine at last import. The LO doc is a bit more complex at 29 pages.

I did a ‘save-as’ to see if the original document had become corrupted, quit Layout, open the new/fresh LO doc, but the problem persists. Restart the Mac - still no joy.

I then tried to copy-paste elements from the SU model. It does allow the model geometry to paste, but none of the several SU model parallel views I’ve created are available, the only option is “Last saved Sketchup view” and model does not paste with the correct style. Then I created a totally fresh LO doc, and I can insert the SU model as expected. So it appears to be a problem with the [original] LO doc.

It deos not appear that I can migrate LO pages from one doc to another. NOW - the question is - do I have to re-create this entire 29 page document from scratch?!

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What does your Document Setup dialog tell you? If everything is fine, it should look something like this:

LO expects to find files where they were when originally imported. If they have been moved or something in the path has been renamed, it causes problems. Not saying that is definitely your issue but it could be.

Simon, thank you. this is moderately helpful and one step closer. I’ve learned another helpful detail to Layout. What is curious is that all of the inserted SU models that show as missing in the Doc Setup dialog have not actually moved in my directory structure. Further complicating this is the curious lack of any reference in the dialog to the original filename and/or page location. Without this info, this utility seems nearly useless. Am I wrong here? See screenshot for reference:

The more important point: Have you Simon, or anyone reading this thread, encountered the error that the Layout Doc will not allow insertion of SU models?

Mark, could it be that you have at some point double clicked on a window in LO? If you ever do that, the link to the original file is lost. It is one of the oddities of LO that you are even allowed to do it. Worse still, you can do it without being warned of the consequences.

I find it odd that LO knows there should be a file (hence recording it as Missing) but have lost its name and path.

I have never encountered a problem with inserting SU models into LO. What happens if you use the Purge button in the Document Setup? If that got rid of the Missing files, would that then allow you to re-import I wonder?

Not quite right, Simon. The link to the file won’t be lost. The viewport will be disconnected from the original scene so scene specific changes won’t carry over from SU to LO.

None of the .skp files shown in your screen shot are listed as missing. There are a number of missing references whose paths don’t show. Maybe some of those are .skp files but we can’t tell from just Document Setup.

One way references wind up as missing is if you copy and paste to get them into LayOut. Copying something creates a file in a temporary folder. When that folder gets cleaned by regular operating system maintenance, the reference gets deleted.

If you use File>Insert multiple times to insert the same .skp file you can also cause problems because you end up with multiple references to the same file. This also creates a great deal of file bloat in the LayOut file.

You might try the following. Leave Document Setup Open. Select one of the viewports that has a problem in LO. This will highlight the reference in the References list. Then at the bottom of the References panel, click on Relink. Select the appropriate file.

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As always, Dave is right. I have just tested this by creating a new LO file by exporting from a SU file, double clicking in the viewport, and then looking at Document Setup. It looks just the same before and after opening the viewport. So that can’t account for what has happened to you. Sorry if that sent you down a dead end. Mind you , the advice never to open a viewport still stands.

The correct procedure is of course to create all the scenes you want to be displayed in LO first in SU. You can then simply copy the viewports themselves and change the relevant scene within LO.

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These were a mix of files. A few .jpgs, and several .skp. I’m a bit confused by your comment that none of the .skp files are missing - as several of them were, in fact, missing from Layout - but still in their original directories. Maybe I’m not understanding the diff between missing object vs missing reference?

In this case - the ONLY copy paste I did was to test after the trouble started. Once this test did not work, I deleted it. All other problematic instances were placed using File -> Insert…

So how do I handle it when I need to reference several views of the same .skp model, as in multiple different elevations and plan views? Do as Simon indicates, and copy/paste from 1 original Insert?

I did this, but again nothing happened after the relink command was invoked. App was not hung, just acted like I had not asked it to do anything. So then… I went and deleted all missing references manually (purge seemed to do nothing), saved the doc, quit LO, restarted. Now, finally, I am able to successfully use the Insert command. Sheesh - that was painful. :tired_face:

Is this significant enough to submit this as a bug report?
Honestly, in my view this behavior is what I’d expect from late-alpha/beta release software. :confounded:

But let’s end this positively - gents, once again, a deep bow of gratitude to ye both for your willingness to help me see some troubleshooting actions that I’m too myopic to see. I’m not sure I’d stick with SU/LO if not for the awesome and timely support I find here in the forums.

I wrote:

Meaning only that the paths to the missing files shown in your screen shot aren’t shown so it’s not possible to tell what files or types they are.

That’s good. It’s not wise to use Copy and Paste from outside references of any file type. (Some people will copy and image from the web, for example, and paste it into LayOut. This creates problems.)

Yes. Exactly. You should only insert a SketchUp file into LayOut once. If you need to show additional views, you copy the viewport (copying and pasting within the LO document is just fine) and change the scene for the new viewport. And as Simon indicated, don’t double click or otherwise edit a viewport to change the camera position. Avoid doing anything that results in the scene showing as modified in the SketchUp Model panel.

Purge only removes references if those references aren’t linked to content on at least one page in the document. It’s like Purge Unused in Model Info>Statisitics in SketchUp.

That’s great! Hopefully you didn’t use Insert multiple times with the same .skp file. You should never have more than one reference to a given .skp file.

At this point I’m not sure it is a bug. From your questions to my last post, it seems likely that this is a usage issue. Based on what you’ve told us as well as past experience with other users, I am thinking that the problems could be avoided with some small changes to your workflow.

I’m happy we were able to help you get this going again.

Have a great weekend. I’m off to blow snow.

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I’m not needed to add to the solutions given, but just wanted to add a few things…

The last update of 2018 had Mojave specific fixes. It would be worth making sure that you have that version. You can download it here:

Your name is a bit too common to track down, but some MarkTs are using 2018 when they also have a license to 2019. You could enter your details in this page, look up licenses, and see if you have a UA variation of your license. If you do, click the Email my authorization code button underneath the serial number:

In fact, I did work out your last name, but couldn’t see any 2018 licenses for that name. If you’re using a license that is in someone else’s name, look up the license with the matching email address. You also could message me your serial number, and I could check.

LayOut files are really just zip files. You could duplicate your file, Get Info, change the name from .layout to .zip, then double click on that to get a folder of the embedded files. That is sometimes a good way to get back a SKP that is completely lost.