Layout fails to insert

Ok, last night, i was able to save my entertainment center i made in SU. Then in LO go to file insert and select the entertainment center i made. I then prepared all my scenes, views, etc, like i hae been shown. i saved it, exported to pdf and all is well.

for thelast hour or so, i can not insert ANY SU file into LO for some reason, it just fails and fails. I even tried inserting my entertainment center again and it fails.

i have tried with local files, onedrive files, and still no go. I have tried to use the send to layout option with in SU and it loads a blank page. Tried to copy a component from SU and paste it into LO, an that didnt work either.

ceiling fan.skp (116.9 KB)
rustic.skp (431.3 KB)

Put the SKP files in a local directory on your internal drive, not out on One Drive. Does it work then?

Both of your files insert just fine for me from my local drive.

I agree with Dave, also the files you uploaded are 2018 version and work for me in LO 2018 and 2019.

Shot in the dark, but I don’t suppose you have another older maybe 2017 version of LO on your system that you are trying to use.

i re-saved them to a local drive and exact same error. I even tried ones that were created last month and saved locally. It was working great last night then today, its not liking me haha.

luckily i have a copy of LO and SU on my laptop, but my PC is the main one for drawing haha.

all versions of LO and SU are 2018.

What happens if you open the SU file and choose Send to LayOut from the File menu?

LO asks me to pick a paper size and then opens a blank page. I try drag and drop, same “failed to load” error, i tried a copy and paste from SU to LO, no go.

Don’t do either of these things. That results in a reference link to a temporary location instead of the correct location.

Do you remember if you installed SketchUp and LayOut correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator? It wouldn’t hurt to try that again (make sure you quit out of SketchUp and LayOut first) and then, for good measure, apply the “Windows fix.” Shut the computer down completely and do a cold reboot.

ok, that was an idea i had about bad sym links causing the issue.

Yes, i made sure to install as admin. i do remember that. Its a force of habit for me to install as admin.

Ok, i will reinstall. it will be tonight. im at work till 11…

i bet when i tried the copy and paste, thats when it screwed up, then i tried drag and drop, then i tried send to layout… and then insert haha

the reason i did a copy and paste, i saw a forum post about it so i figured it would work. i guess not haha

ok, figured it out. I am indeed running 2018, BUT, what had happened, when the program was not responding, for some reason, windows took off my 2018 LO icon and replaced it with the 2017 icon, which i had no clue it did that. i only had the one icon on my desktop and it was always the 2018 version until last night, windows 10 decided to not respond and for somereason, replaced it with the old one haha.