SketchUp to LayOut issue

I wanted to add Sketchup model to layout, but when I click insert the models I wanted to use (example: some are on top on the list) are in grey and I can not choose them.

I would be greatful for your help.
And sorry if its basic I am new to Sketchup and Layout.


Open the SketchUp model in SketchUp Pro, choose File>Send to Layout.

You should check out the Essentials course or the LayOut essentials course on

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H Kaidenh,
Thank you for your reply. I will def go back and check essentials course.
Btw, I tried what you suggested.
I opened Sketchup doc. and chose option ’ send to layout’ which is in grey so it doesn’t let me do it. I used that couple of months ago and didn’t have similar issue before.
I tried 2 different Sketchup documents, and in all that option was in grey :frowning:

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That’s very strange. I’ll leave this one to the LO experts :wink:

Oh wait! Try saving, then immediately press send to LO.
:joy: :joy:

You mean, ‘save’ and then try to send to layout?

Didn’t work :{
Anyone help …
I am drowning

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Yeah I did…

I hope someone else can help you. I’m not great at LayOut but lots of the regulars here are.

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Close both SketchUp and LayOut. Then try reinstalling them. Get the latest version which was released a couple or three days ago at


Hi Dave,

I will try that. Let’s see if its gonna help.
Thank you so much guys.


The send to Layout options will be grayed out if SketchUp cannot find the matching version of LayOut, and that can happen on Mac if you do an update while LayOut is open.

So, when you follow Dave’s advice, first make sure SketchUp and Layout are closed, go into Applications and drag the SketchUp 2021 folder to Trash, and then go to the installer disk image window to copy the new version into Applications.

That should make sure that all of the files are the same version.

Here’s a direct link to the newest Mac disk image:

Mac SketchUp 2021.1.1 disk image

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I did write:

It wasn’t the closing of the apps part I was adding, sorry for the repetition. It’s the taking the old folder to Trash that can be important. If you don’t do that, and leave Finder to replace the old folder with the new one, there can end up being a mixture of versions in the final folder.

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Downloading from your link now.
Thank you so much.
I am reall Dummy with computer and systems :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Hi again,

So now I have a bigger problem :frowning:
I did what you both suggested. Put previous Sketchup to the bin and downloaded new one from the link.

Now, when I open Layout and try to insert Sketchup model, those document that were in grey previously are still in grey, so I cannot click on them to add them.

Q2. Do you know what other issue might be, why some of those documents are in grey?

Q1. When a note pops saying ‘’ The recovered version of this file is newer than the file.
Open the recovered version instead’’.
Should I always press YES?

Q3. When the window pops in with a note ''The following files have version that are newer than those in this document. (the window with a link is shown, and option to click/unclick ‘Check references when loading this document’).
At the bottom I have option to chose ‘Showe Inspector’ or ‘Update All’ or ‘OK’

How should l deal with that window?

Q4. And last one.
Window pops in saying ‘’ LAyOut unexpectedly quit during your previous session. Would you like to send a report so we can investigate the problem?’
Is it legit note? And do you recommend sending the report?

Thanks a lot for all your help.
Not even sure how that forum works.
Are you paid for that help, or you are just Sketchup Masters willing to help Dummies like me :laughing:

On the other note just curious if anyone here do any Online service via Team Viewer etc?

Thank you

Did you actually install SketchUp and LayOut or are you just opening them from the downloaded dmg file?

Most likely but not neccesarily. It depends on whether you want the recovered version. It might make the most sense to open the recovered file and immediately save it with a new file name so you can compare it to the older version of your file.

Most likely you should choose Update All. This message in LayOut is telling you that the references files have been modified and are different than the versions contained within the LayOut file.

It couldn’t hurt.

Hi Dave,

I appreciate your help.

Re your first reply - I guess I did install it. :roll_eyes:

So once it was downloaded I had that icon to move it Aplication and I dragged it.
And that’s what I have in the Application folder now.

Now I am confused- as date of the Layout, Sketchup and Style Builder in that folder are with date 24 June. (might have downloaded new version 2 weeks ago, and not even remember about that)