Layout is Grey and Not Highlighted to send 2 D Model

I am working off 2018 SketchupPro. I was being send options to upgrade, so before downloading the latest year, I agreed to do a trial to check it out.
I am in the middle utilizing for a project that needs to be completed.
The icon on the top toolbar is grey. I can click on everything else on that tool bar but not the layout icon.
I tried going to File drop down menu to “Send to Layout” and that is also not highlighted to click on. Help!

Can you open LayOut and use File>Insert to insert the SketchUp model?

Are you opening the file in SketchUp 2018 or in 2019?

I am currently using the 2021 Trial

What operating system? Please correct your profile.

Did you try File>Insert?

Yes, I wasn’t sure which program to add since this was just a Trial that I got stuck on.
File>Send to Layout is not highlighted insert that way

What does that mean?

Please answer the actual questions. Did you try inserting the SketchUp file by using File>Insert in LayOut?

What operating system are you using?

My system is mac OS Monterey V. 12.21
I am working on a 2D model in the Trial Version 2021
Yes I tried inserting, but in Layout, at least the version I have, the Insert is grayed out.

Please put that in your forum profile. Your current answer is ‘2018’ which doesn’t tell us anything useful.

Why are you runing the trial of 2021? The current version is 2022. Did you actually install SketchUp and LayOut or are you trying to run it from the download .dmg file?

Okay I corrected the profile.
2021 is what came up on the trial, so that’s what I am using.
I installed Sketchup 2021 that was a Trial.

2022 is the current version that supports the OS version you are using. Get it from Download All | SketchUp

Can I download the trial from there?

Yes. And make sure you install it correctly as described in the link I provided.

I will. Thank you!

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