Send To Layout grayed out

So I’m on MacOS Monterey with SketchUp Pro and the Send To Layout is grayed out. Is there anything that I need to do in my model to make Send To Layout work? Do I need to download the Layout app, it does say in Trimble that it’s included in SketchUp Pro.

FYI, I’m a newbie, so it maybe a simple fix… I just can’t figure it out.


LayOut is included with the SketchUp Pro download. Nothing to download separately.

Did you actually install SketchUp?

Make sure that after you did the install to remove the gray image disc of the SketchUp installer is removed (or ‘ejected’) from the desktop.
Dont try to start from there.
Then, in Finder, head for the Applications and start SketchUp from there.
The icon that now appears in the dock is the one that you could use if pinned, other references to SketchUp icons in that dock should be removed.