Wierdness in Saving Layout Files

Recently I have been frustrated in simple task of saving a Layout File. I type in a simple name for the file, try to save, but get an alert saying that the name is not allowed. Problem is that it is not the name I typed in but rather that plus the hierarchical file data. Screen shot is attached.
I can save file as “Untitled” and then change it to what I want, but it is annoying.
Any ideas? Thanks.

What happens if you try what it says and eliminate the apostrophe and colon? I wouldn’t call the Mac file system being unable to use punctuation in file names a bug in LayOut.

The colon is an illegal character in Mac file names.

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I don’t think that is it based on trial and error. Here is another screenshot wherein I have simply used the word “Why”. Yet when I type the word “Untitled”, it saves and I have to change the name afterward. This is an entirely new problem within last couple of months and I have no idea why it is occurring

. Thanks.

At least try getting rid of the apostrophe and colon as I suggested and save. Does it work then? As @Anssi wrote, the colon is an illegal character in file names on Mac.

Thanks but the apostrophes were simply in the text of my reply. Did not use them in the file name. And simply using “untitled” actually doesn’t work, I have to use “Save As”

I’m not understanding why you are resisting what we’ve suggested. Your screenshot shows an apostrophe AND a colon in the file path. Try removing them and saving the file.
Screenshot - 8_5_2022 , 10_19_34 AM

I am apparently not being clear . I don’t type in all that stuff. I type in one word. All the other text appears in the alert and I don’t know where it comes from.

Evidently those characters are in the path where you are attempting to save the file. Edit the path or try saving to another folder or just the desktop.

Thanks, don’t know how to edit path other than to move the folder somewhere else. So far the only way is to save something with “Save As”. That is a new circumstance and I don’t know what changed to create the problem.