Can't save any documents in Layout

when I try to name and save or save as any out my layout documents it creates this huge title with colons, etc which obviously wont let me save it.
this even happens from my templates or blank pages, I simply type in Myalup project and this is what I get as a message:

The name /Volumes/my book/texture tone design/clients/jemma : Myalup project/final ideal plans for builders/myalup.layout cannot be used.

I can save into a pdf but my layout crashed at one point and I lost a huge 7 page document before I could PDF it for my client

Did you type the colon in the pathname? You can’t have those, they used to be the path separator in Mac OS 9 and older instead of the forward slash that is used now.

all I typed is Myalup project and that’s all I can see in the path name box but the rest pops up as part of the path name but I’m not typing it.

Look in the Finder at the folder you’re trying to save to. It must have a trailing forward slash on the end of the folder name like this “jemma/”. Remove the / and it should work.

That ‘/’ gets converted to a ‘:’ when you try and save in Layout . The Finder lets you put ‘/’ in the filename, but its a really bad idea as it sometimes gets converted to a ‘:’. You can put colons in filenames too if you create them in the terminal but that’s also a bad idea as they can get converted to forward slashes. The Finder won’t let you type colons, they get converted to a hyphen as you type.

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