Beginning an "Untitled" drawing that froze screen

I use a MAC Pro. I started a drawing, and when asked to save it won’t allow and it won’t allow cancel - the screen is completely frozen. It won’t allow to go into applications to remove the program to start fresh either. It won’t allow a shut down or a restart. What do I do?

Hi @pdmasterworks,

I’m not sure we can do much with your existing file but I can try address why it will fail to save. The answer depends on which platform you’re using, but it could happen on both Windows and Mac.

On Windows, we’ve run into cases where some amount of latency in a network can prevent saving properly when saving across a network. To that end, on Windows you should always save your files to the local drive. If you’ve adjusted the default settings under Window > Preferences > Files then make sure that backups and saves are set to go to the local drive.

On the Mac, a new Untitled document shouldn’t have any problems unless there are permissions issues with your OS X on your computer. You could try repairing permissions (I usually do it at least 3x) and then try again. Beyond that, there is currently an issue on some systems where saving to a folder with any punctuation in it causes the fail to save, these could be dashes, colons or any other non-alphanumeric character in any folder name in the path, or in the filename itself to be safe.

Beyond this, please provide more information about your working environment so we can troubleshoot further. Some things to think about are below:

  • What operating system are you using?
  • Are you using a network system for file saving such as Active Directory?
  • What is the path you’re trying to save to?

Hope that helps!

PS. I’m moving this over to the “Technical Problems” category for accuracy.

Thanks for your reply.
I am having problems and I need to speak with a person to talk me through this. I cannot shut down my computer to reboot programs now owing to Sketch Up. All of the suggestions made to “fix” my problem do not work. I can open “Recent Files” but after I open it, I can’t close any! Consequently I have four different projects that I cannot close! I am afraid to start a new folder because I cannot save it. And, I have pending work that I use Sketch Up for. This is becoming a 911 shout out that I need to speak with somebody to work out why Sketch up has taken over my computer.