Layout Not Overwriting when Exporting PDF Yosemite


When exporting, Layout will not overwrite a file of the same name, even after asking for permission to do so. Will export when there is no file of the same name in the destination directory. This just started with Yosemite update.


Hi Sunny-

I haven’t been able to reproduce this problem yet. Is this happening with one particular file or does it happen with a totally new file as well?



Hi Marc. Thanks for looking at this. I tried to recreate it with a new file, and this is what I discovered:

It all works fine exporting to the Macintosh HD (internal, where the OS is), but I have my problems on the external drive, where I keep all of my work. I’m thinking it has something to do with permissions. I tried this:

but I don’t think you can Repair Disk Permissions on an external drive. I could be barking up the wrong tree, of course.



What format is your external drive? If it’s a Mac partition I would expect “repair permissions” to be allowed.


The drive is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled).


I am having the same issue with Yosemite.

It’s happened on 2 of my files.

I created a layout doc (2 pages) and exported it as a pdf. I then made an update (added 2 pages) then exported the file to overwrite the 2 page doc and nothing updates. I end up having to export a new file then delete the old one.


Yeah. Layout and Sketchup have always been really buggy with Mac OS, but this latest is wild. Especially with the new OS and SU2015.

Are your files on the Macintosh HD or on another? I find it only happens on non-system drives.


I am having the issue when I am saving to my hard drive in a dropbox


That is the case in my situation as well. I only tested the problem outside of a dropbox folder on my Macintosh HD. I keep my dropbox on an external drive.

Is your dropbox folder on your Macintosh HD (System) disk?

Maybe the problem lies with LO’s interaction with Dropbox?


I would not recommend to open or save files directly to cloud storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox, and I would add all removable storage to the list. Keep the files that you work with on your local hard drive (or a network drive in your own network, if it is reliable enough), and use the cloud or removable storage only to store the files you have first saved locally.