Saving layout file

brand new issue for me - cannot save layout file (originally created with 2018 pro) in 2018. i also created copy in 2020 pro and received same message.

i get message "The document “22 3.22.20 BID?Permit…” could not be saved.

I restarted macbook pro, then removed and reinstalled su 2018 pro and su 2020 pro.

Where are you trying to save the file to?

Trying to save in the original file in the original folder. I may have discovered the problem. Since loading 2020 into computer, every file I open automatically opens in 2020. I now go to “get info” each time I open any Layout file and change the default to 2018, which resolves the issue. What would help is to have each file open in it’s original program automatically, unless I purposely update them. Thanks Dave! Any comments are appreciated.