Has anyone seen issues with Mac Catalina?

Has anyone seen or had any issues with SketchUp Pro 2020 and Layout 2020 on Mac OS X Catalina?

Has anyone seen or have had issues with any other background apps running on their Mac that causes issues with SU?

Trying to figure out why my system keeps crashing and actually locking up my system so much that I have to do a hard shut down and an SMC reset to get my ports to work.


background syncing has caused issues for some…

check iCloud, Dropbox, etc… settings…


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How do you suggest fixing this? I have iCloud, dropbox, one drive and google drive…

Are you saving files and working on files directly to/from cloud storage? If so, don’t.

I was but corrected that and it still crashed…

Are there any apps you would recommend not be running in the background or I should remove from my system???

you can exclude SU and LO from automatic iCloud syncing in System Presences, I believe…

DB usually only checks it’s folder, so don’t work on files it that folder if it’s turned on…


When the problem occurs, is it the SketchUp and/or LayOut application that crashes? If so, do you get BugSplat dialog/s? Submitting BugSplats and including your name/email really helps us narrow down the problem.

My issue is with LayOut. It works for a short while, then it bogs down (or something). Selections don’t show up until a few minutes later. I’m using Catalina and SU/LO 2020. The trouble started with the Catalina upgrade.

We have an ongoing issue with LayOut. The symptoms are different to what you’ve noticed. What you may have seen is that the page doesn’t update after you have made a change, but the Pages thumbnail does update.

You can make the page update immediately either by resizing the window, or by zooming in or out a tiny amount.

Hopefully that’s what you’re seeing. If it is you can get a fresh start by closing and opening LayOut again. There isn’t a fix for it yet, but the problem seems to happen to people using Magic Mouse. If that’s what you are using, can you try a normal corded USB mouse, and see if that stops the problem?

It’s more like this: I start making simple edits, moving text, etc. and the program works temporarily but rather quickly slows down to where an edit takes minutes. Zooming in and out or changing the window size did not affect the problem.

I’ve installed and reinstalled SketchUp Pro and had my computer’s memory cleaned up professionally. Since no one else seems to be having the same problem, perhaps something else is going on, but what?