Layout keeps crashing.....and locking my system

Layout 2020 keeps crashing and locking my system. I am on a MacPro with 64 GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive with dual video cards. It never locked up my MacBook Pro with only 16 GB RAM with 2018 or 2019. I cannot get my work done if this keeps happening.

I am working on a relatively small file for a bathroom remodel project.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

How big is the file? What are you trying to do when it locks up? Since it’s a small file, could you share the LayOut file so we can see if there’s anything with it that might be causing the problem?

We’re trying to figure out a macOS locking up issue. For most people it happens right after doing a restart or startup. Our best guess currently is that it’s a clash between a recent security update and our use of BitDefender. Trimble being a big corporation means that we have fairly secure work machines.

This only started in the last few weeks, and it’s happening to enough people who don’t use LayOut that it’s probably not the cause.

On my own machine running Catalina I can have several versions of SketchUp and LayOut open, including Windows versions running under Parallels, and no such lock up.

I’ve had it lock up my Mojave work machine less than most other people, and when it does I now just wait it out.

What do you mean when you say it is crashing?
What happens? What are you doing when it happens?
What does Locking up your system mean?

One option could be that what you are doing is causing a dialog to open and that dialog is off screen, therefore appearing to make SU Freeze (some would call that crashing) because you can’t interact with it?

Some more details would possibly help diagnose your issue.

I’m on a Mac and I have also experienced issues with Layout crashing, though not locking up the computer. My problem may or may not be related. It frequently happens when I change from raster to hybrid or vector rendering. Small files, too.

Anyone ever managed to get an insurance claim paid by filling in the Describe the incident box with ‘Crashed happened’ ?

For some reason it locks my system which is a MacPro right up. Cannot do anything, select anything, open or close anything. It’s locked up. I have to do a hard shutdown and then I have to unplug everything from the box and do an SMC reset.

The file I am working on is a single sheet presently with a simple model of two back to back bathrooms in plan view. One show the existing and one showing the newly proposed.

I just added two drawing tags and was starting to dimension the plans.

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The file is relatively small as it is only of a back to back set of residential bathrooms.

one file is 18 MB another 105 KB and the Layout file is 7.8 MB.

I am having the same problem in layout. The file freezes and I can’t continue. I have to shut the file down and reopen it. This just started since I downloaded 2020. I am running Catalina, 10.15.3. Sketchup runs just fine so I don’t think it is a Graphics Card issue. Has anyone figured this out?

Colin, I had this issue eralier in the year, told by the comunity it was my mac (2011) so changed it, I now haveScreenshot 2020-05-05 at 08.12.07
and yep, keeps freezing, I dont do large models, so its not a memory issue?

This topic was about crashing. Can you answer my questions in the other topic? That’s about a new issue that isn’t a crash. Just wanted to be sure which thing you are seeing.