SU keeps jumping back to one point when I orbit or zoom out very fast

every time i use orbit it keeps jumping back to one specific point in my model completly zoomed in, if i then zoom out to fast it will jump back to that point.

We could solve the problem more readily by working with the model.
Please upload the SKP model file if possible (7th icon to the right.)

The file is too big. I will try to use mediafire.

the text is the main culprit, delete it our reset it using a fixed height, rather than a view based font size…


Deleted all text but it still has the same problem. In the top left corner it tells me ‘top’. Could it be that the model is just stuck in the top view? As if i activated some kind of preset?

See this topic.
There, copy @TIG’s code into the Ruby console … hit Enter … and all is well.

Purge before uploading …
2de zit 0908_Text Fixed.skp (1.3 MB)

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