Drawing gone missing


We have been working on some house plans and they just disappeared. The screen just has the axis on it and when I try and zoom in or out I can’t see my drawing anymore.

What can I do to get it back?

You’ll have to upload the file and someone might be able to find the geometry and the issue.

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Did you try zoom extents

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Had you been attaching leader texts to things in your model? There is a bug in versions prior to 2019 that can cause texts to swoop off to the edge of the universe when you edit the object they were anchored to. The SketchUp camera also moves away trying to show them, and everything else zooms down too small to see. If you can share the model, some of us can repair it if this is the cause. If you search the forum you can also find Ruby snippets that correct the issue.

House Plan 010919.skp (648.2 KB)

Go Zoom extents, shift z, you will see a line, delete the line, go Zoom extents again.


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Worked it out yesterday - thanks for all your help.

And I posted the answer within two minutes of you posting your model.

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