Drawing has disappeared - help


My Sketchup drawing has disappeared, I wonder if anyone could help me?

the screen is stuck on the Axis screen, I am not able to move the “room” around and I’m generally stuck.

Post the model so others can take a look.

Humber Drive.skp (195.6 KB)

Fixt. Text a long way from the rest of the model.

Humber Drive fixed.skp (214.0 KB)

ha ha these stairs will hopefully be in my customers house,as long as i can get this drawing finished!
Thanks again Dave
Drawing has disappeared - #6 by Kevinrickman

I see you are still using SketchUp Make commercially.

@DaveR hit it. There was a bug in SketchUp prior to (I think) 2019 that could cause a leader text to fly off to infinity if you were drawing in a single plane and edited the face the text was anchored to. The side effect is that zoom extents will move the camera infinitely far away, causing everything to be too small to see. I found seven such stray texts in your model.

In pre-fix versions, the workaround is to not add leader text to anything until you are finished editing the model. Trimble does not provide bug fixes to obsolete versions, so that is the only sure way to avoid the bug in 2017.

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