My drawing disappeared again. Help!

My drawing disappeared again. I was using the eraser on one line and the drawing went away. I think it has to do with when I erased the line the text that was anchored to. It moved off into Sketchup outer space so to speak. When that happens your drawing disappears because it becomes too small to see. I know my drawing is there because when I set the camera on back instead of front view it reappears opposed in 2 d. I cannot keep it on back view if I stray off the drawing. Then it disappears again. I was told this is a bug that can happen in 2d and was fixed in the 2019 version.
Any help would be appreciated.

F3 retro.skp (80.2 KB)

This is what I see when I open your file in 17Make or in 2021. Are you still using 17 make as your profile says or 19? I don’t see any distant geometry or labels and all view work fine, as does zoom extents. Should there be more?

There is one other view Landsailer drawing below those two.
This is my view of the same drawing.

Yes still on 17

This is a discussion when it happened a few months ago. - Sketchup 17 drawings disappear - #9 by DaveR

To me it looks like you have drawn your vehicle flat on the red/blue plane. When you look at that from a plan view you will only see a line as you are looking at the flat faces from their end.

But yes, version 2017 can have the label text pointing to nothing problem too.

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Like EF and Anssi, I find it puzzling. You have several 2D drawings in a plane in a 3D model space. It shouldn’t be at all surprising that it disappears when you switch to the top or side views.

When I set up to draw I select camera front view. occasionally the drawings disappear randomly. Usually when an anchored text gets removed from the anchor point. Its very frustrating after I spend hours on a drawing and it vanishes. The only way I’ve been able to recover a drawing is to switch the camera view to back and switch from perspective to parallel.

Why are you only drawing 2D in a 3D modeling application? You could avoid the problems you are making by first, not creating the unanchored text and if you only want a 2D drawing, using a 2D drawing application instead of a 3D modeling app.

If your going to do a lot of 2D work in sketchUp, then you might as well make use of it’s natural drawing surface… which happens to be the Ground Plane, along the XY axis lines (Red/Green).

Use the Standard View Top setting to align your orientation to this.

Anything drawn in elevation has no natural background to it. And unless you setup a surface to draw upon, you are inviting SU to freely interpret how deep into it’s 3D model space your mark is going to be placed in.

By contrast SketchUp is never going to naturally draw a line that goes below the ground plane–which is why I think it’s best suited for the 2D drawing.

You can always use the rotate command to swing your design into elevation once you are ready.

I don’t need 3 d for what I do. I was not aware SU had a 2d application setting. Thanks to Jim D for showing me how to do that. I try to never do unanchored text. The drawings disappear randomly. It seems to happen when I use the eraser and accidently erase a line that the text is anchored to. It’s hard to say for sure. From now on I will draw in 2d. Hopefully it will never happen again in 2d. I think you pointed out to me in a previous text in February concerning the same issue that I was getting bug zapped when this happened. Post SU 17 they fixed that issue?

Technically it doesn’t . Drawing on the ground plane tends to be easier to avoid geometry going 3D but if you don’t need 3D for what you do, there are a number of 2D applications available that would be more suitable.

Yes. And from that you why it happens and how to avoid it. It comes from deleting an entity that has had a label attached to it. Delete the text before you delete the entity and there won’t be a text entity to disappear across the universe.

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