SU freeze problems

Have you experienced intermittent freeze of the user interface, this happens regularly say once every few minutes or so, and takes 15-30 seconds? This has become an issue with the current model I am working on, was not a problem earlier with smaller models. The freeze occurs in situations, which seemingly shouldn’t be very calculations intensive but I cannot tell since I do not how SU is designed. Nonetheless this is super annoying because it halts whatever I’m doing, definitely not part of any modern user interface. This on top of the reoccurring, but not as regular as the freezes, bug splash crashes of the user interface is quite unsatisfactory.

Currenlty I use a relatively new Lenovo T460s Windows laptop for running SU.



Do you have auto save enabled? That can cause a pause when a large model is saved.

Many thanks!!

My estimate of a few minutes or so seems to be quite close to the every “5 minutes”.


Lars are you using Catalina yet? When you do you may need to update to v19.3

Apologies for my lack of knowledge, but what is Catalina?

Removing auto-save did not solve the problem, unfortunately. I noticed when monitoring what is happening that SU uses only one processor core.

For some reason Dan thought you are using a Mac.
All the same, it is best always to use the latest update of the version of SketchUp you have.

Catalina is macOS 10.15. The 2019.3 update was mainly to improve support for 10.15.

Your screenshot looks like Windows, but your profile says you’re using Mac.