SU 24 Open file crash at least one time before fully loading

Not sure if anyone else out there is experiencing this or not, but I have to open most files twice or more before SU fully loads and works. It doesn’t happen EVERY time, but most times. Doesn’t matter how recently I have shut down, how loaded my RAM is/isn’t, if any other apps are open, empty file, huge file. I open SU, all starts to load, sometimes SU will get all the way to interface showing before crashing, but not always. This did not happen on 23, just 24. Has anyone had this going on and find a fix?


I could share some files, but the problem is file agnostic. This happens with existing files as well as with new SU default templates. So I don’t think in this instance sharing files would be particularly useful. I wondered if it had anything to do with loaded plugins, but I don’t get any ruby loading errors, and this happened the first couple times after installing SU (before I took the time to get plugs and environment looking like my standard SU environment), so it also seems unlikely, but not impossible that this is the problem.

It can, even if there are no errors when loading, especially if they were copied and pasted from a previous version. Make sure all of them are the latest version available. Also make sure SketchUp has been selected to be set to performance in the hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling section of the graphics settings section in Windows settings.

I don’t know what langhandler.rb is, or which extension uses it, but it has had some changes in 2024:

I dare say that isn’t anything to do with the crashes, but you could see if lordofthetoolbars and other extensions have updates.

All plugs are the latest, but even still, some are definitely old (haven’t been updated in a long time by dev). Only reason I didn’t think plugs was that I had the problem with clean SU install, before finding and installing plugs, not copies from 23, fresh ones.

Thanks for the tip on GPU. I’ll check that.

I’ll definitely be looking for updates to all plugs regularly. Thanks Colin. Also, I don’t know what anything on that API page is. :rofl: I’ll add it to the list of stuff I am blissfully ignorant of.

I have the same issue. It seems to crash if I try to orbit or pan when the model window first opens before all the plugins have loaded on the toolbar. If I wait until all plugins load it doesn’t seem to crash. @2atays can you see if this is the same for you?

Some apparent getting stuck issue when orbiting were fixed in the update posted on Tuesday. Can you try a check for update in SketchUp to see if you have the new version?

Are your crashes silent – that is, are you not getting bugspalts?

yes, just updated yesterday and file still crashed on open

I’m getting the splats

Can I try your file?

It doesn’t seem to matter which file it is, it’s crashed opening most files

I haven’t had any issues with trying to orbit while loading. Partly because I just wait for SU to finish loading. I did try orbiting while Plugs were loading, and it didn’t crash, but also, it didn’t orbit or pan or zoom or do anything until all is loaded, probably part of why I don’t try to orbit while loading, LOL.

My crashes have all been silent and all at load up. Obviously I also get bug splats for other reasons, but this particular issue for me was just SU disappearing.

Collin, I finally downloaded the patch last night. I haven’t had a crash on load since, but to be fair, I haven’t opened a TON of files since.

I’ve been getting a lot of silent crashes on start up also – the SketchUp team are aware of my crashes.

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I felt fairly confident that the silent crashes were over with after the SU update. I don’t know why they have not happened until my first today, but just came back for the first time.