SU 2024 feels sluggish?

Hi all,

I updated my SU 2022 to 2024 and the software feels sluggish? It also feels sluggish on very basic models. Does anyone else have this also ?

Is there a difference if you switch back to the Classic graphics engine?

I have just tried and it doesn’t seem to be much difference.

Can you give a small example file, that you see being smoother in 2022?

my files im using it too big to send, Im finding when im close up to pipework im designing the programme stutters abit in the movement.

Do you have Windows settings set like this:

SketchUp preferences like this:

Hi there,

Yes i did/ do have this. I checked it out and it was still linked to 2021 SU so i changed it to 2024. The programme is still laggy. Im not not impressed at all, im working on models which were seemless in 2022 now its becoming clunky. Even when i draw a line it seems to have a very slight delay which is annoying.