2024 slower?

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded to 2024 and noticed my models are much slower, it is the same with new template being opened. I am using a gaming spec desktop which run 2022 SU with large models no problem.

I have noticed that it stutters pretty bad when close up to the model. I have noticed this in perspective view but parallel view is super quick still. I do most of my modelling in perspective but now being forced to use parallel so i don’t lose the will to live.

Does anyone have this problem? also would be good to hear what view others model in? perspective or parallel?


Do you have a model I can try?

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Hi @MillerLuke thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having issues with the 2024 version of SketchUp. I am happy to take a look at your model so I can see if it causes the same issue on my PC or Macbook, but I must admit that my computer has a different configuration than yours so I may not see any issues. Your profile does not indicate what kind of CPU you are using and indicates that you lack a GPU so we may have to rely on a lot of optimization to get the file working.

Same here,
After the Welcome screen,
SU 2023 opens fast with no stutter.
However, SU 2024 hangs up like this for about 20 seconds:

Just to clarify, it happens even when I an opening a new “Simple” empty model.
I don’t believe it’s a computer issue because SU 2023 is fine.
In any case, I can wait the extra 20 seconds knowing that your team will eventually find a patch.
Lucky Benson

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Heyo! I have the same too- the longer wait with the white empty screen. No issue with older versions.