SU 2019 Pro Plugins are missing after restart

I have this problem for a while, have to reinstall one of plugins every time before start to work, and it’s just annoying me.

Plugin .rbz files are stored at D:/, and path name is English, so should not be path’s problem.

The wired thing is, after reinstall, all plugins are back, I have to pull plugins to top bar one by one,
only Vray not effected.

Already checked other post, my plugins are least.

Sounds like you may not have installed SU correctly.
Close SU and layout.
Find the .exe installer, probably in your downloads folder, or download a new one.
Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator, then when prompted select repair.
This should fix permissions issues that could be causing the problems you describe.

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Regarding to permission issues, it may take few hours for sending back to IT to reset my system and
take back.
Thanks for your reply, I’ll let our company’s IT knows it.